I am a mixture of atmospheric scientist and ecologist working in the broad arena of "global change". In particular, I am interested in quantification and characterization of the global carbon cycle with emphasis on exchanges of CO2 with the terrestrial biosphere and the fossil fuel sources of CO2 to the atmosphere. The future evolution and mechanistic underpinnings of the global carbon cycle are fundamental to climate change research and decision-making on climate change mitigation and adaptation. In addition to my scientific research, I have also continued work in the area of climate change policy through research on those aspects of domestic and international policy that relate to the carbon cycle.


My group has ongoing need for those with background energy supply/demand analysis and emissions policy analysis!

I have a specific openings at the moment

Vulcan CO2 postdocoral position (Fulltime)

contact kevin.gurney@asu.edu




some video content highlighting recent work:

The FFDAS Project

The Ventus Project described by Dr. Gurney

Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee testimony on crediting tropical forest
protection within domestic legislative instruments – April 22, 2008.

Discussion on The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur, April 3, 2012

gurney sigma xi

Gurney accepting the Sigma Xi Young Investigator award, 2010