I currently teach two courses at Arizona State University:

  1. Bio 182 - General Biology II. Co-taught with Juergen Liebig in Spring 2011. Co-taught with Stuart Newfield in Spring 2012 semester.
  2. Bio 320 - Fundamentals of Ecology. I teach this course every Spring most recently Co-taught with Nancy Grimm in Spring 2013.

I am planning on developing two new courses at Arizona State University: Ecoscience and Cinema (to be offered in 2012/2013) and Human Drivers of Climate Change (to be offered 2012/2013)


Comments from students in recent classes:

"When Dr. Gurney is teaching and expressing his enthusiasm toward the materials creating an atmosphere where you want to be part of it and learn more about the topics that he's covering on."

"Kevin Gurney is the best aspect of this course. His background in physics and incorporation of other science disciplines was excellent. His enthusiasm, intelligence, ability to relate to his audience, and teaching ability is perfect. He doesn't tell us what he knows, but rather teaches...hard to explain but hardly any college professors have this "gift." I really appreciate his contribution to higher learning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ASU, DO NOT let this professor go anywhere else!! He is awesome! I liked that the course didn't dwell on boring basic ecology, but rather approached it from a larger perspective that applies to current conditions. This approach allows for problem-solving thinking to take place. It is impossible to be inspired to change the future if we are stuck studying irrelevant simplicities. I can't exactly explain how this class is better and different from others, but its good and works so don't change it."

"Professor Gurney is one of the most exciting and interesting professors I've ever had."

"He was very funny, and made learning about some topics very fun. It was always approachable for question via e-mail and in class."

"Gurney is amazing. I feel like he is actually a teacher, not just a professor/researcher at ASU that has to teach a lecture class. HE SPEAKS ENGLISH (unlike most of my professors). He is madly interested in what he is doing which makes it all the more interesting for us. He relates to the students. He's an all around cool guy. I was sad when his half of the class was over. I love Stephen Colbert!"

Past teaching at Purdue University includes:

  1. Introduction to Environmental Science (EAS 113/AGRY290/NRES 290). This was co-taught with John Graveel and was offered each Fall.
  2. Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology (EAS 591T/AGRY 591G). This was co-taught with Qianlai Zhuang (EAS/AGRY).
  3. Carbon Neutrality at Purdue. This was co-taught with Paul Shepson, Leigh Raymond, Dan Shuster, John Graveel, and Loring Nies and was taught Spring 2007.